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About him:

Creator of yourbassplayer.com, full time freelance musician and educator.  Alex has been passionate about music for his whole life and loves finding new ways to bring others the implicit benefits of having music as a part of life.


Alex has performed with artists in every style of music.  With a degree in Jazz Performance, from the University of Utah, he has had a deepened knowledge of music theory and it’s application.  He has been in several sight reading bands (bands that have all music through composed) and dealt with any form of musical communication, in the studio (lead sheets, Nashville number charts, notes, lyrics only, etc…).  He teaches for Westminster College and also received his Masters Degree in Elementary Education.  Alex is passionate about all types of music.  He started playing bass on the upright bass and moved to playing all other types of electric as well.  He is an Aguilar Endorsee and can be seen using their amazing gear at any show that he is playing.  Currently, Alex plays with Party Crashers (a high end cover band that tours around the world), The Number Ones (an incredible group of musicians that brings highly unique spins on only number one hits from the Billboard’s) and Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band (a group of talented musicians that perform original jam-grass music).


Alex plays many different basses and enjoys finding the sound that fits whatever need your project calls for.  He has the following basses:  Yamaha TRB-6 with Bartolini Pickups (active), American ’84 Fender Jazz Bass (passive), 4-string Alembic Excel (active), 4-string Fender Fretless Jazz Bass (passive), Fernandes Jazz 4-string (passive) and a 1963 Handerbeit en Mittenvold German upright bass.  Alex has many different amp options too:  Aguilar DB 212 and 112 cabinets, Aguilar DB750 amp, Walter Woods Electro-Acoustic and a 1972 Acoustic combo amp.

He records into Logic and uses  a Pre-Sonus FireStudio Project as an interface.  He has several different options for mics to record the upright too.